Preschool Friends Become Married Couple 20 Years Later

Do you remember having a crush on someone when you were in preschool? Most of the time, kids move on and never see the people they went to preschool with ever again. However, that was not the case for Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel. They first met each other in preschool and Matt said to his entire preschool class at the time that he was going to marry Laura someday. After that, many years went by where they didn’t see each other. But then, they met up again in high school and quickly developed a relationship with each other. This relationship would eventually result in them getting married. This is truly a fairytale romance where Matt kept his childhood promise of marrying Laura. How cool is that?

Preschool crushes usually end after preschool, but not for this couple

In May 2015, Matt decided to pop the question at the place it all began…their preschool classroom