This Dog Was Shown Love For The First Time – What Happened Will Melt Your Heart

Many people still view Pit Bull dogs as an aggressive breed that will fight anything that isn’t their owner. There is no such thing as a bad dog though. All dogs have the capacity to love and enjoy being petted. This video from an animal shelter of a formally abused dog proves it.

At first dog hides in the back of the cage making a sad grunting sound. The shelter worker starts talking friendly to the dog and at first, all she gets is more grunting. Then the tail starts to wag but still, the dog hides further back in the cage that she can reach. It only takes one thing though to convince the dog that it is time for some loving. The shelter worker manages to stretch her hand through the bars just enough to rub the snout of the pit bull and the dog caves in, coming right up to the door to the cage to receive some loving. That was all he wanted and with a wagging tail, both parties made new friends. Next time you see a dog that scares you remember that he or she is probably just as scared of you as you are of it and that is why it is acting up.

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