When She Saw This Dog, She Was Horrified… But Then She Did Something No One Else Would.


Dogs are kind and loving creatures that often see a lot of harm and foul at the hands of their previous owners.  The thing is, while we all tend to be horrified by those stray does that are so often neglected on the streets of the major cities, not many of us are actually able to do anything about it.  Thus, rescuers are not as common as any of us are wanting to think.

Take the hard and fantastic work of this rescuer who took in a dog that was absolutely riddled with cancerous tumours all over his body. 



It’s heartbreaking, to say the least, and the poor dog was brought to a vet with the understanding that he wouldn’t be able to survive, or not comfortably, anyway.  The dog went under all sorts of aggressive treatments and came out on the other side happy, alert, loving, and grateful to be alive and loved by those who were looking for a way to help him feel that way. 


It is so exciting to see that an animal can be so loving and sweet when he has no reason to trust animals or people in general.


This gorgeous dog is now being taken care of completely and entirely by a loving family who fully considers him a loving member.


It’s refreshing to see that there are still some good people in the world who are looking for a way to protect those kind and innocent animals who are so often seen on the wrong end of things, regardless of how it must seem to us.  That is humanity.



Source: Facebook/Sharon Dennis