This Dog’s Family Abandoned Him At The Shelter… The Reason Why? This Is Heartbreaking!

Are you looking for a soppy story that is going to make you love and hate humans all at the same time?  This big sweet dog was abandoned at a shelter because he had a skin condition that was making him lose all of his fur.  It didn’t matter that he could have been easily treated for these two conditions, his owners wanted nothing to do with him.

The most heartbreaking thing is that this sweet dog was so upset by what happened – so ashamed that his family no longer wanted him – that he sat in the corner, shook, and cried for most of the first day that he was at the shelter.  He blamed himself for the fact that his family no longer wanted him.  If that isn’t heartbreaking, I don’t know what is.  Some may not be as impacted as others, but many of us are crying a little bit because we are able to see that humans are disgusting things, and this poor dog had to pay the price of the fact that humans are fickle.  It is totally sickening to most of us.

If you’re interested in helping him, please contact  Downey Animal Care Center.



Source: Facebook / Sal Valdapeña