30 Adorable Photos Of Pets With Their Favorite Toys

Pets love to have soft and cuddly toys for comfort. Here are the adorable photos showing the sweet relationships with their favorite toys!

1. Elliot’s Owner Shares What He Looked Like At 4 Weeks vs. Full Grown, With His Favorite Toy


2. Hedgehog With Plushie

pets favorite toysBreakingCampeon

3. How I Found Him Moments After I Changed The Batteries In His Snuggle Buddy, A Toy With A Little Heartbeat He’s Had Since He Was 3 Months Old


4. Bonnie Put Her Favourite Toy On My Packed Suitcase… Oh Man, The Feels

pets favorite toysjayblesz

5. My Dog’s Favorite Toy. Watching The Faces Of People Who Are Walking Past When My Dog Is Staring Out The Window With Them In His Mouth Is Brilliant


6. This Is The Only Toy He Doesn’t Rip To Shreds


7. My Cat Ripped Open His Favorite Toy. This Is My Grandma Sewing It Back Together


8. My Friend’s Horse Showing Off His New Plushy. He Is Very Proud Of It.


9. The Teddy Used To Be His Sister’s Before She Died. Now Eddie Carries It Around With Him And It’s The Only Toy He’s Never Destroyed


10. This Is Rizzo. She Likes To File Her Toys Now. I Have No Idea Why