30 Adorable Pics Of Pets And Their Favorite Toys

Get ready to full of cuteness! Here is a compiled list of photos where pets refuse to let go of their favorite toys.

1. When A Seal At Mombetsu Land In Japan Was Given A Stuffed, Mini Version Of Itself, It Hugged The Toy Close To Its Heart & Gave It A Piggyback Ride

pet favourite toysMetalloid_Emon

2. Her Favorite Toy Is One That Is Way Too Big For Her And Was Meant For My Larger Dog

pet favourite toysfirefighterlady

3. Strider Poses Through The Years With His Baby


4. Her Favorite Toy

pet favourite toysNihilistminator

5. My Pupper Finally Found Her Donut Toy She Lost A While Back And Has Been Carrying It Around Like This All Day


6. Little Meeshy Grabbed His Favorite Toy Right When He Got Home From Surgery. He Is Such A Brave Little Boy!


7. That Yellow Toy Is His Favourite! Every Time He Sees It, He Just Runs Towards It And Grabs It With His Mouth. But Now He Sleeps With It

pet favourite toysGermanloser2u

8. Our Cat Kitty Bang Bang Is Super Proud Of Herself For This Big Catch. I Don’t Have The Heart To Tell Her It’s Not Real

pet favourite toys


9. My Dog Got A New “Baby” And This One Had A Squeaky Toy. I Try Not To Get Her Ones With Squeakers Because When She Squeaks Them And She Starts Crying And Nudging Them To Make Sure They’re Okay.

pet favourite toysnamanama101

10. Every Night She Brings A Toy To Bed For A Last-Minute Play Sesh And It’s My Favorite Time Of The Day

pet favourite toysF-MA