30 Hilarious Pics Of Pets Who Got Shamed For Being Naughty

21. Haha!

Kellie Gormly

22. I Am Matilda…and I Love My Bed. This My Fur Brother..jack Sparrow Jack Shreads And Eats My Bed. I Dont Like Sleeping On The Ground. Jack Is Now My Bed. Jack Is A Nob

pet shamingDani Larsen

23. This Is Mouse. When We Take Him Outside For Zoomies He Forgets He Only Has Three Legs And Does Barrel Rolls Across The Lawn

pet shamingRebecca Sheehy

24. This Is Puck. Puck Has Been A Major Pain In My Arse For 14 Years. We Love Puck. Puck Only Loves Puck. Last Week He Hurt Himself And Couldn’t Get Up. We Sobbed As We Thought He Needed His Final Car Ride. As Soon As We Scooped Him Up He Miraculously Was Fine (I Think His Hip Was Out Of Socket Until We Picked Him Up.) He Thanked Us By Snatching And Eating An Entire Pizza Off The Table Later That Same Night. Puck Is Also A Junkie And Demands His Meds Morning And Night. We Are Amazed Puck Is Still With Us. Puck Insists On Staying Around Just To Aggravate Us Some More. We Can Shame Puck, But He Has Zero Shame (See The Smug Look On His Face?)

pet shamingKathy Simmons

25. This Little Lady Is 15 And Pretty Gassy…she Went To A New Groomer Today For Her Nails And Farted On Her Every Nail She Cut….20 Little Farts

pet shamingNichole Var

26. Hi, My Name Is Strider. My Mom And Dad Rescued Me From A Kill Shelter A Month Ago! I Love My Mom So Much That Whenever My Dad Tries To Kiss Her, I Jump On Her To Protect Her.

pet shamingStephanie Faires

27. My Name Is Peter, And I Eat Faces Off Of Barbie Dolls That Go Missing Under The Bed

funny pet shamingAdele Simmons

28. The Joy Of Enjoying Your Sausage Biscuit Alone

pet shaming

Jr Turner

29. She Has No Shame

Madoka Shinzato

30. Meet Kiwi And His Child. Kiwi Is An Ungrateful Jerk Who Always Gapes And Strikes At Us. Even Though We Feed Him And He Has A Wonderful Enclosure. Well Today One Of His Children Hatched And During His First Beautiful Moments On This Earth, He Decided To Cop An Attitude. The Same Ungrateful Attitude As His Dad. Little Jerks

funny pet shamingAshley Fiedler