30 Hilarious Pics Of Pets Who Got Shamed For Being Naughty

There’s a Facebook group Pet Shaming shares funny photos of pets that got shamed for being naughty.

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1. True Dat

Foxfeather Zenkova

2. Oh No

Haggar Eissa

3. My Doofus Of A Dog Followed The Kids To School Yesterday. Here’s A Picture Of Him In The School Office, Obviously Quite Ashamed Of His Actions

funny pet shamingKaren Manthey

4. My Cat Apparently Brought Home A Friend For Dinner Without Asking Me…

Andrea Jill Ball

5. That Look On His Face

Annie Mckenzie

6. The Look Bella Gives When She Is Told No She Can’t Go Swimming Compared To The Look She Gives When She Is Told Yes

Diane Kemple Underwood

7. Oops

Charlotte Hawkes

8. Hi! I’m Violet. My Mom Just Picked Me Up Friday From The Shelter. I Will Be 1 Next Month But I Still Have A Lot Of Learning To Do Because I’ve Spent More Than Half My Life In The Shelter. Anyway, I Earned My Kibble This Morning! I Saved Mom At 5am By Alerting Her To The Strange Dog In The Mirror!

Becky Robbins Moulton

9. The Hulk?

Napoleon Cousteau Nelson

10. A Very Unfortunate Situation

Brian James Ribble