20 Photos of People Ignoring Safety As If They’re Immortal

Safety measures are indispensable, especially in such works with many dangers. But sometimes we ignore safety as if we are immortal. Here are some pictures of people who ignore safety in dangerous situations.

1. I Think My City Ordered Their Cones Off Of Wish.com

ignoring safetyBadusernameguy2

2. Log Lift (Oregon, 1973)

ignoring safetySpinundrum

3. I’ll Do My Best

ignoring safetyAfroofthenight

4. Emergency “Exit” In A Friend’s Office Building. First Time They Opened It Was During A Fire Alarm


5. The Fire Exit On This College Building

ignoring safetyghatroad

6. When I Was Doing Construction I Was Apparently Featured In A “Safety Fails” Site On Pinterest


7. One Of My Guys Sent Me This Today


8. Absolutely No Ppe In Sight

ignoring safety


9. Construction Of The Dirigible Uss Macon, 1934. Look At Those Ladders


10. Lawncranemower™

ignoring safetyNatty_Guard