30 Hilarious Pics Of Pets Who Got Shamed For Being Naughty

11. My Hooman Says I Need To Be Shamed Because I Like To Sit On My Couch And Bark So My People Will Come And See Me. I Don’t See Anything Wrong With This I Am A Distinguished Older Gentleman And Should Be Treated As Such

Deanne Mooney

12. I Have Been Looking For This Boy For 30 Minutes. I Thought Maybe He Escaped Our Back Yard… Nope He Just Getting Some Relaxing Time In The Pool Without Me!

Sunnie Montoya Walker

13. This Is Shadow. Shadow Doesn’t Realise She’s A Sheep

Natalie Frampton

14. My Name Is Kai And I’m From Australia, My Mummy Says I Should Be Ashamed…..today The Old Man Who Lives Next Door Was Making Lots Of Noise So I Yelled Out Very Loudly ” Shut Up!” Followed Closely By F*** Off

funny pet shamingDiane Gent

15. When You Spend Ages Looking For The Dog Who Has Already Gone To Bed Without You.. And Just Ignores Your Calls

Lizzy Jane Davis

16. Larry Claims He Knows Nothing About The New Hole In My Garden…. ?? Idk That I Believe Him?

Shelly Baberack

17. We Recently Got A Parrot. Gizmo Loves Him And Needs To See Him 24/7. I Told Gizmo That He’s Not Allowed To Touch The Cage. Gizmo Found A Solution. I Want To Shame Him, But I Feel Like I Should Congratulate Him.

Anna-mae Grant

18. He Doesn’t Need An Introduction

Leslie Snickers

19. I Don’t Know Who’s Been Eating All The Flowers!!! Honestly

Alex Hook

20. Can Someone Please Tell Kevin He’s A Cat

Nicki VanRaden