30 Hilarious Pets That Got Shamed By Their Owners For Being Naughty

Pet owners are shaming their misbehaving pets by posting photos of them along with signs stating their ‘crimes.’ Check out below some of the best ones!

1. There Are Two Types Of Doggos

pet shaming hugoandursula

2. He Even Looks Proud

pet shaming codylab

3. Left This Note For My Husband

pet shaming plant_doctor

4. I Just Thought My Mom Would Like Some Company

shaming catdarrelthebarncat

5. Throwback To When Dad Decided To Make Home Improvements I Didn’t Agree With

pet shaming gsdzelda

6. True Story

pet shaming idahocowgirl5

7. She Screamed At Dingleberry

shaming dogShibaru-in-a-Subaru

8. Hamburger Thief

shaming dog


9. I Feel Like A Little Bit Of Cat-Shaming Is Ok Here


10. Well, Pete Wasn’t Such A Good Boy Today

shaming dogcshel718