Interesting & Perspective-Changing Maps People Shared

21. Map Of The 2191 Meter Deep Krubera Cave. The Deepest Known Cave System In The World

interesting mapsbacs05rc

22. Countries That Have, Or Have Had, Openly Gay Heads Of Government


23. US States In Which Homosexuality Was Illegal From 1962 To 2012

interesting mapsMackelowsky

24. World Map, But It’s Centered On Buenos Aires, Argentina


25. World Map According To China In 1799

interesting mapsimrahul08

26. % Of Europeans Who Would Fight For Their Country


27. Most Obese Countries


28. School Shootings In Europe Since 2010

interesting mapsNic0487

29. Map For Halloween – Every Castle In Europe


30. Age Of Women At Birth Of Their First Child (Europe)

interesting mapsQuiet-Luck