Interesting & Perspective-Changing Maps People Shared

11. Most Popular Language On Duolingo

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12. The New Longest Possible Train Journey In The World


13. All The Countries That Have Gained Independence From Great Britain

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14. Countries With A Higher Life Expectancy Than The United States


15. Russian Military Build-Up Around Ukraine

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16. The Red Part Contains More People Than The Blue Put Together


17. A Map Visualizing The Armenian Genocide – Started 106 Years Ago


18. London’s Piccadilly Tube Station. Piccadilly Circus Is A Road Junction And Public Space Of London’s West End In The City Of Westminster. It Was Built In 1819 To Connect Regent Street With Piccadilly

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19. This Is A Really Fascinating Map. Languages Of Europe Around 600 Ad


20. This Is The Farthest Place On Earth From Any Ocean