30 Interesting & Perspective-Changing Maps People Shared

There are such interesting maps that it is possible to find maps that show from bear populations to language families. People share their interesting maps in a Reddit group and here are 30 of them.

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1. This Is A LEGO World Map I Designed! I Spent Many Hours Staring At Google Earth And Topological Maps To Make This

interesting mapsGooseWithDaGibus

2. Map Of Africa’s Borders If Divided By Languages ​​and Ethnicities


3. Hello! I Was Told You Would Enjoy This- Took Me 3 Years!

interesting mapsavalonal5464

4. World Map Of Borders


5. Hello! I Cross Stitch Earth Science Maps And Have Been Told They Belong Here. Great Lakes Bathymetry Is My Favorite So Far

interesting mapsblondeboxshell

6. How A Coastline 100 Million Years Ago Influences Modern Election Results In Alabama


7. I Am Working On A Picture Book With Each State Drawn With One Line. I Finished My 7th State Last Night

interesting mapstfoust10

8. Antarctica Without Ice, U Don’t See That A Lot


9. Hand Drawn Map Of China And Neighboring Countries With Placenames In Mandarin (I Drew It As An Exercise To Memorise All The Provinces)

interesting mapsLuKing-Ra

10. Are You Closer To Georgia, Or To Georgia?