30 Interesting Maps That Show A Lot Of Different Things

There are such unordinary maps that it is possible to find maps that show from bear populations to language families. People create many interesting maps. People share their interesting maps in a Reddit group. Here are 30 unordinary maps that show a lot of different things.

1. Oklahoma Man Hole Covers Have A City Map On, With A Blue Dot To Show Where You Are

interesting mapsCatherineCortez

2. Map Of Regional Rug Patterns Of Iran


3. Animals Of The World Map

interesting mapsShapeShiftingCats

4. Someone Joked That Instead Of Google Earth I Should Make Doodle Earth. I Liked The Idea So I Gave It A Shot


5. World Map Mural

interesting mapseveildancer

6. United States Elevation Map


7. Europe In The Style Of Super Mario

interesting mapsvladgrinch

8. My Great Grandpa Drew This Map Of Africa In The 1910’s


9. Since You All Liked My Great Grandpa’s Drawing Of Africa At Age 12, Here’s One He Did Of Asia (Ca. 1910’s)

interesting mapszherper

10. Abstract World Map