People Share Their Own Woodworking Projects, They’re Amazing

21. I Posted My Daughter’s Bed Earlier, Here Is The One I Did For My Son. Roofed With Galvanized From Our Old Turn Of The Century Barn, And Wired With Switches For Light/Fan And An Outlet To Plug In His Echo. Also Leaving This One Behind For The New Owners, Hope They Love Them!


22. I Built My Baby A Bed


23. Made My Son His First Computer. Walnut Case


24. Charcuterie Board Set I Call “Better Together”. These Were A Wedding Gift For A Good Friend. I Took The Nesting Concept From Pictures But Added The Heart. I Think The Heart Makes It Much More Complete


25. A Resting Place For My Best Friend


26. Last Cutting Board, I Promise


27. To Commemorate A Family Member Receiving A Heart Transplant. Walnut Heart, Maple Stand


28. An Mri Safe (Non Metallic) Cane For Patients In The Scan Room That My Wife Commissioned (Pro Bono) For The Hospital Where She Works


29. My Sisters Car Had A Busted Center Console Lid, So For Christmas, I Took The Measurements From The Old Lid, Saved As Much Of The Hardware As I Could And Made A New One Out Of Walnut


30. I Built A Built-In Bookcase In Our Crooked Home