People Share Their Own Woodworking Projects, They’re Amazing

The subreddit Woodworking is all about appreciating woodworking projects with the most creative, and breathtaking examples of wood DIY.

Here are our previous ‘woodworking projects’ posts.

1. Beautiful Project I’ve Been Working On For A Few Months. Thought Everyone Here Would Like To See!

woodworking projectsbunfunion

2. Dare I Say… The “Neverending Fence” Is Complete!


3. Longship Cradle I Made For My First Grandchild Is Complete

woodworking projectsIll-Trainer-9903

4. Owner Wanted To Cut Down The Tree For The Deck, But I Talked Him Into Building A Bench Around It Instead. I Think It Turned Out Nice And Saved The Tree


5. Reflections Of Perspective 150x90cm Complete. An Artdeco Inspired Piece

woodworking projectslifeinlayers

6. Got My First Display In A Local Store!


7. Due To The High Cost Of Wood, I Decided To Make A Play House Entirely Out Of Free Pallets And Free Roofing

woodworking projectsDJ_poopmypants

8. Carved A Rope And Knot From Basswood


9. I Made This Orca Music Box

woodworking projectsdilettantetaun

10. I Carved A Tiny Maple Owl