40 Times ‘People Knew’ What They Did In A Hilarious Way

Reddit page For When They Knew shares what people knew to do in a hilarious way and here are 40 of the funniest ones.

1. This Couldn’t Have Been A Coincidence

people knewbeefy_bruva

2. Kevin’s Parents


3. I Thought It Was A Great Idea To Buy 5000 ‘Bone Shape’ Paper Clips For Our Veterinary Clinic

people knewJust-a-bloke-001

4. An Employee With A Sense Of Humor


5. They Definitely Knew!

people knewap39

6. He’s Watching


7. Man’s Cock Wins First

people knewrazydreams

8. They Really Did


9. Mask Up!

people knewgunnesaurus

10. Valentine’s Day Special