15 People Who Found ‘Treasures’ In Their House

15 times people found ‘treasures’ in their house and shared what they found. It is surprising to come across these ‘treasuring’ things.– kapak

1. “Two eagles have decided to build a nest right outside my grandma’s window on the 12th floor.”

treasures© GogoFrenchFry / Reddit

2. “For a month, I thought I lost my wedding ring on a cross-country road trip. I called gas stations, pawnshops, searched lost and found posts.”

© roseazom / Reddit

3. “Found frog tracks on my window this morning.”

treasures© 30dlo / Reddit

4. “Discovered an old cookbook at my attic published in 1907. It has gravures and even colorful illustrations.”

© RWersh / Twitter

5. “There is a sunflower growing from my neighbors guttering.”

treasures© dquillx / Reddit

6. “Renovating a bathroom and found a newspaper from 1944 in the wall.”

© flexxxy / reddit

7. “A lizard fell from the ceiling and left this dusty imprint on this wireless charger.”

treasures© Njvdwesth / Reddit

8. “Lighting I’ve photographed today.”

© NooneHasThatName / Reddit

9. When your friend buys a new home and after doing some excavations in the basement, they find 30 bowling balls.

treasures© Sherlockiana / Reddit

10. “This pattern appears when the glass is foggy.”

© TheBatman97 / Reddit

11. “My girlfriend’s onion had a little heart in it!”

treasures© Jeremyverburg / Reddit

12. “My friend moved into an apartment recently and found this in the attic.”

© aaronwestt / Imgur

13. “My granny kept complaining that the floor under the TV set keeps getting rotten.”

treasures© Sekret2007 / Pikabu

14. “Water is ‘stuck’ on my mini cactus.”

© kcomba1012 / Reddit

15. “Just moved into a new place and the closet has old Saltillo tiles which are traditionally handmade and dried in fields. Looks like these tiles had some visitors.”

treasures© TheRubMan / Reddit