30 Pics Of Over-Dramatic Cats That Deserve Oscar

16. Shia Caught By A Shark


17. Feeding Time Was An Hour Ago, Jessica


18. Our Persian Cat Staring At Our New Pup


19. When Your Human Dared To Pet Another Animal. Don’t Even Touch Me, Betrayer. Ugh


20. I’m Extremely Blessed To Have My Own Tiny Lifeguard. Except, Instead Of Using A Whistle Or Attempting To Save Me – He Screams At Me In Terror. The Entire Time


21. I Accidentally Turned On The News And My Cats Reaction Says It All


22. My Cat Always Looks Like He Has Anxiety. Yes, He Always Looks Like This

funny cats emotionsPyrateHooker

23. My Buddy Dressed Up As His Cat For Halloween. Look At The Cats Face

funny cats emotions


24. Every Morning, Simba’s Allowed To Tan On The Balcony. But When It’s Time To Go Back Inside, He Screams

funny cats emotionsgrfckrn

25. Umm… It’s Not What You Think

funny cats emotions

26. Melvin Demanded A Walk. Then This Happened. I Had To Carry Him Home. (He’s Fine, He’s Just A Drama Queen)


27. Meet Katsu: A Dramatic And Needy Boi Screaming For His Hooman

funny cats emotionscutecatsinspace

28. This Dramatic Cat

29. I Was A Little Late Serving Breakfast


30. Life In A Nutshell

funny cats emotionsAmanda  Lowther