Gen Z And Millennials, What’s Something You Wish The Older Generations Understood?



There was hope in your time. You felt like you could change the world. Nowadays, our economy is f****d, our environment is f****d, our privacy is gone, our governments are pitting us against one and other, and the planet is going to kill us off within the next century regardless of what we do about it.

So don’t look down on us as “weak” or call us “entitled” if we’re a little pissed off and/or depressed about it, ok?



That I’m not a lazy entitled CHILD. I’m in my mid 30s and most of my peers that are younger than me are smart and hardworking as well. It’s productivity and efficiency that matters, not the amount of time you spend at work.



That the cost of education far outpaced inflation and wage growth in the US. If I had a dime for each boomer who lectured me about working my way through school like they did, I might almost be able to buy a house!



That technology exists to enable people to work from home, and just because they do doesn’t mean they are sat watching Netflix



That it is reasonable to not want kids and enjoy life with your spouse.

I can’t have kids, buy a house, and go on vacation even with my $100k+ salary. At least, not if I want to have money saved for emergencies.

Either older generations played it looser with less savings, or s**t was different.



Apparently sleeping till 11 AM makes you lazy regardless of whether or not you had to work until 12:30 AM at your s****y Wendy’s location.



Kids use computers/phones for more than just playing video games and scrolling through social media. I basically live on my computer. My best friends are online. My favorite activities are coding and making games. But no, my parents assume the devil computer is rotting my brain and making me stupid. As a wise man once said: phone bad, book good.



That “just get a better job” is not all that easy



That we’re not that lazy and we have a good reason to be depressed, cynical, and pesimistic. People like my grandma always talk how “at your age i was married, had a house, and 2 kids blah blah” not realising they did all that on 1 paycheck, while simultaneously complaining how money isnt worth anything nowadays and they just went grocery shopping and spent 25 % of their income while chanting “dont worry, its gonna get better”. How can you not put those two together



That not everything can be solved with immediate aggression. That being patient and thinking on the right thing to say rather then saying what comes to mind first goes a lot further