10 Old-Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Bring Back.

6. Introduce your date to people

If you’re out on a date and you meet an old friend or person you know, and you stop for a few seconds to enjoy a little chat, make sure you present your date to the other person. Not doing so make you look rude and will make your partner feel unimportant.

OLD Dating

7. Forget about sex

If you are on a first date, don’t even think about suggesting it. Even if you are not on a first date and you might receive the right signals, like flirting and sweet eyes, that doesn’t mean your partner is ready for sex. It means she likes you, so be respectful, because everything will happen at the proper time.

8. Hide your phone away

Don’t even think to fiddle with your phone during your date. I can be sure your parents never allowed it when you were serving dinner at home. And it was not because you couldn’t eat while doing that, but they just wanted to be able to see you, talk to you and connect with you. So do the same with your date. It is not respectful to avoid looking at her during your conversations.

OLD Dating

9. Show your feelings through romantic gestures

You can always make a surprise by sending her lovely cards, in which you can write a few kind words like “I wish you a happy day” or “I miss you”. These small gestures can also be homemade things, and you only have to use your imagination and items you have around the house. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something expensive if it is made with love.

OLD Dating

10. Don’t make way for confusion

After a couple of dates, things might be a little confusing. You or she will not know exactly if you form a couple, or if you can date other people as well. It is a sensitive subject, but it must be discussed before any of you gets the wrong idea and gets hurt. You should talk about being, or not, a couple, and if your relationship can develop into a serious one. After a couple of dates, you should both know if these things are possible.