20 People Who Still Use Old Appliances That Bought a Long Time Ago

Sometimes the old one is a better one. Here’s a list compiled of people who showed their appliances that have been serving them for several decades. They are truly lucky ones, indeed.

1. “My grandfather’s gas stove. It was purchased in 1958, has been used every day, and is still in pristine condition.”

antique appliancesseaweed_is_cool

2. “Handset in my friend’s new apartment. Used to speak with people ringing the doorbell. Still works!”


3. “My grandmother’s General Electric hand mixer, maple rolling pin, and tin sifter, circa 1920. I still use all 3 to this day.”

old appliancesFigsnbacon

4. “My grandparents still, to this day, use a 1984 model microwave.”


5. “My great grandmother’s typewriter from the ’50s still operates perfectly.”

old appliancesOBEYthemCHILDREN

6. “Waffle iron bought used at a garage sale in 1958 for 25 cents. We still use it today.”


7. “This deep freezer that my grandparents bought 54 years ago is still working today, with no problems and nothing done to it.”


8. “My 1950’s fridge still works.”


9. “This electric car, built-in 1974, is still on the go.”


10. “My grandma still has a working Nintendo, along with a few games.”