The 30 Finalists Of The Ocean Photography Awards

21. Collective Portfolio Award, Stefan Christmann

ocean photography

“Male emperor penguins huddling during polar night, to stay warm as a group.”

22. Adventure Photographer, Rodrigo Thome

“A shiver of hammerhead sharks.”

23. Adventure Photographer, James Ferrara

ocean photography

“A sperm whale and sargassum seaweed. Roseau, Dominica”

24. Exploration Photographer, Steve Woods

“Coastal wolves play on a remote beach. British Columbia, Canada”

25. Young Ocean Photographer, Jack Mckee

“A juvenile flying fish, photographed from below. Lady Elliot Island, Australia”

26. Exploration Photographer, Steven Kovacs

ocean photography

“A rare deep water cusk eel larva. Florida, USA”

27. Community Choice Award, Fabrice Guerin

“A sea lion hunts mackerel off the coast of Baja (California Sur, Mexico).”

28. Galice Hoarau

ocean photography

29. Ocean Conservation Photographer, Henley Spiers

“An olive ridley turtle ensnared by fishing gear, far offshore in the Pacific Ocean.
Baja California Sur, Mexico.”

30. Adventure Photographer, Scott Portelli

ocean photography

“A humpback whale calf crashes back into the ocean after a breach. Neiafu, Tonga “