The Most Adorable And Wild Cats’ ”Murder Mittens”

21. Presenting A Solo Murder Mitten

murder mittensRipley_Abyssinian

22. My Blind Old Man Giving A Peek At His Murder Mittens


23. Don’t Mess With The Mother

murder mittensXykojen

24. Nap Time With The Mittens


25. All The Birds I’m Saving By Keeping Her Inside

murder mittensstonerbunniixo

26. Give Me A Hug I Promise It Won’t Hurt!


27. I Guess We’re Not Cuddling…

murder mittenscelestiala

28. Mittens And Tufts… Melvin Is A Funny Little Fellow


29. “Give Me The Chicken Or Your Life, You Decide”

murder mittensSyren408

30. Baby Tiger Cub With Some Big Weapons