40 Of The Most Clever Responses In Necessary Times

Sometimes we come across rude and presuming people or have some uncomfortable situations in which there is a need for a clever response necessarily. Here are 40 of the most clever responses that are given in necessary times.

1. I Understand Completely

clever respondsMy_Memes_Will_Cure_U

2. Never Underestimate A Woman


3. “Migrants Can’t Assimilate Into Society”


4. Love This Guy

clever respondshumanitalian

5. Idk If This Has Been Posted Before, But I Love His Little Smile


6. People Really Live In Their Own Little Bubbles


7. Please Wear A Mask And Stay Safe

clever respondsthemaskedvillain

8. You’re The Problem


9. Thank You Andy Wang!

clever respondsykafia

10. I Don’t Care If Repost Made Me Laugh