Witty Comebacks By Companies, They All Are Hilarious

These 40 witty comebacks by companies will make you laugh. All of them are hilarious as much as witty.

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1. Wholesome Chili

witty comebacksChilis

2. Don’t Piss Off Moonpie


3. Happy Father’s Day

witty comebacksMS28764

4. Wendy’s: Square Or Circle Hamburgers?


5. Oof

witty comebacksWendys

6. Samsung Confirms That Galaxy S8 Camera Cannot Support Edward’s First Photo


7. Dictionary Had No Problem Roasting Dj Khaled

witty comebackssarahschauer

8. Haha


9. When Gamestop Roasts You

witty comebacksGameStop

10. Newspaper/Billboard Ad From KFC — An Alphabet Of Imitations