People Share “The Most Brilliant Design Ideas” In This Online Group

This Reddit community dedicated to gathering clever designs of all kinds, whether it’s graphic design, advertising, architecture, furniture, or product design.

1. This Condom Ad

smart clever designafg500

2. “Safety Glasses” That I Made For My Wife’s Optometry Office


3. A Bench In The Library Of Alexandria

smart clever designsquid50s

4. Each Picture Is Made Of As Many Pixels As That Of The Endangered Species Population- Designed By Yoshiyuki Mikami

smart clever designWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF)

5. Found In Twitter


6. Highlight The Remarkable

smart clever designSpanholz

7. Very Direct Ads From The City Of Toronto Against Littering

Live Green Toronto

8. This Ad


9. Really Great Minimalist Billboard Ad


10. I Really Like The Privacy


11. All The Hooks And Shelves You Need!


12. A Satisfying Use Of Space

smart clever

13. Poster For Better Shark Culling Laws

smart clever designShark Culling Laws

14. Saw This On Facebook, By Invisible York

smart clever designjuddzilla69

15. A Clever Way To Show What Ancient Ruins Looked Like

smart clever designterchon