30 Times People Share ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things

11. Older Roman Mosaic Under A Layer Of Less Older Roman Mosaic – Found In Greece

mildly interestingIASIPxIASIP

12. This Little Door I Found In The Trunk Of A Tree While Walking In Lowell


13. We Just Found Kittens In The Bushes Near Our House

mildly interestingATimeHoody

14. Found While Out Deer Hunting In The Middle Of Nowhere


15. It Has Been Family Lore That My Grandmother Had A Pet Raccoon Named Smokey. I Didn’t Believe It Until I Found Photographic Evidence. Late 40’s Or Early 50’s

mildly interestingNeville1989

16. Found A Tiny Greenhouse In The Woods


17. This Caterpillar I Found

mildly interestingKittyKarin

18. This Morning I Found A Bat Sleeping In My Window… Inside The Screen


19. This Purple Mushroom I Found

mildly interestinggrobnerual

20. Found An Unopened PS1 In My Grandfather’s Attic