This Online Group, “Humans Are Metal”, Celebrates Real-Life Heroes

21. Ronald Mcnair

22. Let’s Never Forget Willie


23. Hats Off To Iranian Doctor Shirin Rouhani Who Passed Away Due To Coronavirus. Due To Lack Of Medical Staff, She Kept Treating Cornaviris Patients Till Her Last Breath. Look Closely, She Herself Is On The Iv While Treating Patients. U Would Be Remembered Shirin! Rest In Peace

24. Can We All Please Appreciate This. Rest In Peace

25. This Homeless Man Is Next Level

26. Three Teenage Girls Living In The Netherlands During World War II Spent Their Evenings Talking To German Soldiers, Extracting Information From Them And Then Luring Them Into The Woods And Shooting Them

27. “When You Take Your Master’s Degree Back Home To The Uncle That Helped You Survived The Walk From Ethiopia To Sudan In 1991”

28. That Guy Is Right

29. Dr. Alfa Sa’adu, 68, Came Out Of Retirement To Fight This Pandemic. Today, He Became 4th Doctor To Die From The Virus In The UK

humans are

30. Anti Vaxxers Will Say It’s Fake