Chef Prepared Mind-Blowing Desserts That Will Leave You In Awe

23. Baked Apple Parfait, Cinnamon Tuille

24. Chocolate Plant Pot Filled With Chocolate Mousse, Sprouting A Chocolate Tree, Topped With A Fluffy Matcha Foam

25. Cookie Dough Filled With Chocolate Sauce Served With Chantilly Cream… The Potato Dessert Illusion

26. Chocolate And Carrot Cake… Carrot Cake Cookie Dough, Chocolate Soil, Caramelised Carrot Gel, Carrot Powder

carrot cake

27. Edible Stones…

28. Fools Gold Chocolate Truffle

29. Chocolate Plant Pot Filled With White Chocolate Creme And Carrot Cake, Topped With Grated Chocolate And An Orange And Carrot Gel

30. Beetroot And Chocolate Tiffin Cake

31. Carrot Cake And Chocolate Beetroot Tiffin

32. Nitro Canister Bon Bon