11 Magical Tree Tunnels You Should Definitely Take A Walk Through

6. Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

This is a famous spot for lovers of all ages and backgrounds that come here to make a sincere wish about their future together.  This is said to be a location that is meant for true love, and those that come there looking for sincere help with their love life can take a stroll through, and find the answers they are looking for.  This railway track is much more known for its romantic atmosphere than being a track to a fibreboard factory.  Feel the love in this romantic tunnel of green.

Magical Tree Tunnels



7. Bamboo Path in Kyoto, Japan

If you’re looking for a way to get back to nature in Kyoto, this beautiful bamboo forest is absolutely the way to do it.  It is known as one of the most photogenic locations in the entire city and is a popular tourist spot.  This is also a great adventure for those who are used to North American forests, as the change in trees is exciting and simultaneously relaxing, giving you a home away from home.

Magical Tree Tunnels



8. Street in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Said to be the most beautiful street in the world, this forest gives a natural and calming look to the modern location.  It is a great spot for artists and writers of all types, giving them a modern location to suit all of their needs, but keeping them entangled with historical atmospheres that will definitely please the artistic soul in their hunt for a muse.  This is an excellent location for those who need a modern place to stay but are not ready to give up the natural atmosphere that makes the world so whimsical.

Magical Tree Tunnels


9. Sakura Tunnel, Japan

The best way to feel like a Princess is to walk through this gorgeous tunnel that is formed out of cherry blossoms hanging off trees.  These hangings of pink create a soft and warm atmosphere that will definitely bring out the royal attitude in you.  Designed to look like coming out of a fairytale, this is a natural and visibly appealing way that will help you feel the tinglings of magic in your daily life without leaving the real world behind.

Magical Tree Tunnels


10. Tree Tunnel, Netherlands

No matter how tall or big you are, these trees will show you that size matters, and that us humans are just tiny creatures that don’t really make much of an impression when compared to the nature that we survive in.  These tall trunks stretch up to the sky, so far that it’s almost impossible to see the tops.  This relaxing walk through a skyscraper forest will put into perspective just how we need to see ourselves in relation to the world and help us get there by remembering and embracing the power of nature.

Magical Tree Tunnels

12. The Path up to the Halnaker Windmill in Sussex, England

This is like something out of The Hobbit, a gorgeous tunnel that will lead you from a world of stress and worries to one that will please you to no end with its simplicity and charm  If you’re looking for a world that is uncomplicated and relaxing, this is one that will do the job, even if it is just for the meander from one side of this tunnel to another.

Magical Tree Tunnels