17 People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

Reading should be a right thing, and it really is, but sometimes the books you chose to read and the place you read it can create awkward situations. So next time you decide to read something in public, look carefully at the title of the book, as it may be noticed with easy by any passer or even by your neighbor on the other seat of the bus. Humans are curious creatures, so they will grab the chance of peaking at your book, especially to see what your interests are. Books do not make a characterization of your personality, but depending on what to choose to read and where, people may have fun on the situation. So here are hilarious readers of the world.


 Books not to read on the subway

The road with the subway can last a while, especially if you need to get across the city. So reading a book might be a good way to spend the time. But when you’re reading “How to meet women in the subway”, in a crowded subway, with a woman next to you can be much too obvious. For sure this method will not pay any results in this situation.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

Holding the book in a weird position

Something the problem is not the book, but it can be its cover. Very often on the back of the book some famous character or the author appears. And when you keep the book up in front of your face, to see better what you’re reading, that picture can match the position of your face. If you are also dressed in something peculiar, like a hospital gown, then the picture is more than memorable.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

Books about loneliness

Tired of being alone? An excellent book on the subject can help you out. But reading “Never eat alone” while savoring your lunch by being very alone, can turn into a movie like scene. Who knows, maybe in the future the book will pay some results.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

Weird facial expressions or just a funny book?

Again, the covers of the books can be rather hilarious. And when you’re reading them in a positive that permits the picture to overlap your face, the passersby can be drawn by the look of your particular looking face. But by the time they get closer they realize that’s just the book you’re reading.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

Spying into the secret life of women

Being a single guy for too long now? Perhaps a book written for women can help you understand what’s going on inside their head. But do this within the intimacy of your home. Being a manly looking man, reading a “For women only” book in public can look more than peculiar.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

Being the alpha male

Whether you have a serious problem with your pack of dogs, or the book might have a hidden meaning, reading “Alpha dog get the bitch you want” will attract all the attention towards you. Anyhow, we wish you have all the luck with that.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

Changing your appearance

Always wanted to look different? Or it is just an accident? A mere newspaper can have the most surprising effects. While commuting by the train, make sure to turn the paper you are reading. The page you’re holding up for everyone to see might be a big surprise, for you and them as well.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

The best eye blinds

A magazine can be the best eyeshade when you’re looking for a nap. But when the cover has the picture of an ugly guy and the magazine is placed conveniently on your face, the result may be a unique picture you ever took.

People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public