Interesting Buildings That No Longer Exist

There were such unusual and interesting buildings that seeing all of them will be surprising for you. But they all were destroyed somehow. A Reddit page shared interesting buildings that were destroyed and here are 35 of them.

1. The Original Neue Elbbrücke Bridge From 1887-1959 In Hamburg, Germany

interesting buildingsPythiaPhemonoe

2. Lost And Rediscovered


3. “It’s Not Possible To Take Such A Photograph Anymore, As The Buildings Outside Block The Sun Rays.” Grand Central, NYC (1929)


4. Built In 1504, Demolished In 1910. What Was The Oldest House In Hamburg, Germany


5. Cincinnati Public Library 1871-1955

interesting buildingsPenjilum

6. Buddhas Of Bamiyan 6th-Century,the Statues Were Blown Up And Destroyed In March 2001 By The Taliban, On Orders From Leader Mullah Mohammed Omar


7. Medieval Town Of Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany. Once One Of The Most Picturesque And Pristine Late Medieval Towns In Europe. Destroyed On March 22nd, 1945, One Month Before The War’s End

interesting buildingsStrydwolf

8. Old Detroit Library In Detroit, Mi. Opened In 1877 And Demolished In 1931


9. The Saltair Pavilion 1900-1925

interesting buildingsseaboigium

10. 2000 Year Old N6 Pyramid In Sudan Which Was Demolished In The 1800’s By An Italian Treasure Hunter