30 Interesting & Perspective-Changing Maps People Shared On This Reddit Group

21. If You Flew In A Straight Line From Mcallen, Texas To Bangkok, Thailand, You Would Only Spend About 50 Miles Over Water


22. Map Of The 2191 Meter Deep Krubera Cave. The Deepest Known Cave System In The World


23. The Oldest Universities In Continuous Operation

unordinary mapsbodafir

24. Where Flamingos Are Found Naturally In The World


25. Olympus Mons On Mars, The Largest Volcano In Our Solar System, Compared To Arizona

unordinary mapsADarkcid

26. Relief Map Of Baltic And Scandinavia


27. The True Size Of New Guinea

unordinary mapsBerryBlue_BlueBerry

28. The Shire – English Counties Ending In ‘Shire’


29. Satellite Map Of Vatican City


30. Europe Seen From Russia (Made In The 1950s)

unordinary mapscpt_t37