40 Interesting Charts That Can Change Your Perspective On Things

21. My Wife Made This Blanket That Indicates A Certain Temperature For Every Day Of The Year. 2016 Pennsylvania


22. Public Opinion Of Same-Sex Relations In The United States

interesting chartstheimpossiblesalad

23. Us College Tuition & Fees vs. Overall Inflation


24. The States In Blue Have A Combined Total Population Equal To Los Angeles County, In Red


25. Distribution Of Snickers Letters In My Halloween Candy

interesting chartsdoghaircut

26. 2020 Electoral Map If Only ____ Voted. Breakdown By Each Major Demographics


27. Donald Trump’s Tweet Announcing His Covid-19 Diagnosis Is, By Far, His Most Liked Tweet Since Becoming Us President

interesting chartsnathcun

28. Google Year In Search 2020 Top Search Terms


29. Tracking My Push-UPS In 2020. My New Year’s Resolution, Was To Do 100 Push-UPS In One Go. It Was A Slow Burn, Took Over 8 Months And 48 Attempts To Build Up My Strength And Stamina (Age 49)


30. Harry Potter Characters: Screen Time vs. Mentions In The Books

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