40 Interesting Charts That Can Change Your Perspective On Things

It is possible to see many different things thanks to interesting charts. There are such interesting charts that you might be surprised when you see the things they show. People share their interesting charts in a subreddit and here are 40 of them.

1. A Year Ago I Was Hospitalized For A Failed Suicide Attempt, I Decided Then, That I Wanted To Be Healthier And Happier; This Is What A Year Of Therapy And Proper Medication Can Do. Don’t Give Up

interesting chartsryfry314

2. My Anxiety Level vs. My Daughters Sentence


3. People Killed In Terrorist Attacks In 2017: Europe (Blue) vs. Africa (Red)


4. President Trump False Or Misleading Claims While In Office

interesting chartsfredfery

5. I Finished My Year Long Temperature Blanket!


6. Us Elevation Tiles

interesting chartsnewishtodc

7. What Percent Of Social Media Content Are Ads?


8. I Ran A Quick Poll Last Week On Digital Transformation

interesting charts


9. Searches For International Men’s Day Peak Every International Women’s Day


10. Trump Voters Are Less Likely To Have A College Degree