22 Funny And Cute Pictures Of Newfoundlands That Show Just How Ridiculously Huge They Really Are

12. The dog’s tongue is the same size as her face!

huge NewfoundlandTheOneTrueQueen

13. 150 Pounds Later And He’s Still A Lap Dog

huge Newfoundlandwtwerner

14. New Hair Style

huge Newfoundlanddannygally

15. “My Bestie”

huge Newfoundlandmeyvos

16. 11 Weeks Old

huge Newfoundlandandyandtherman

17. Tryna live that lap dog life!

huge Newfoundlandbentleythenewfoundland

18. This Is Beyond A Head Tilt

huge Newfoundlandasscher_thenewf

19. If there’s snow, the newfie will sit

huge Newfoundland


20. Those cuddles

huge Newfoundlandjustarunner

21. Look Behind You…

huge Newfoundlandkernowbearsnewfoundlands

22. “My boyfriend’s Newfoundland waiting to go to the beach”

huge NewfoundlandRhaenysx