22 Funny And Cute Pictures Of Newfoundlands That Show Just How Ridiculously Huge They Really Are

1 Got Sebastian a safety vest because people need to know he is #notabear ❌?

huge Newfoundlandlioranvl

2. 16 Months Apart

huge Newfoundlandmattsidesinger

3. Just a Newfoundland taking his pony for a walk

huge Newfoundlandnewfy

4. When the lap is too small for you but you don’t mind because you are a good boy

huge Newfoundlandreddit.com

5. Nope, that’s NOT a bear

huge Newfoundlandmaz-o

6. It’s Dalishush

huge Newfoundland

7. They love smaller dogs too!

huge NewfoundlandThesmithos

8. Revenge of the Newfie

huge Newfoundland


9. They thought that a bear had broken in…

huge Newfoundlandmugsymegasaurus

10. “Draw me like one of your french pups.”

huge Newfoundlandpetagogo

11. Tennis helper

huge Newfoundlandmozman68