20 Amazing House Renovation Examples That Might Inspire You

Renovation is maybe the best thing to create a living place from the beginning. Here are 20 amazing house renovation examples that might inspire you.

1. “Tiling the front entrance the hardest way possible because the wife has Pinterest…”

house renovation© NTCans / Reddit

2. “I converted a disastrous hall closet into a tiny home office!”

© jasonpolevoi / Reddit

3. “I renovated a 1990s bathroom to look like a 1930s bathroom.”

house renovation© Buildadoor / Reddit

4. “When a perfectly good bathroom is turned into a slightly different bathroom for thousands of dollars and 100 hours of my life”

© goaliebagb*** / Reddit

5. “It took about 6 months, start to finish, working only nights and weekends!”

house renovation© shawnot /Reddit

6. “My $150 DIY bathroom makeover”

© daphneyhatz / Reddit

7. “My new favorite room in the house — a downstairs bathroom remodel, my first DIY bathroom!”

house renovation© colvano / Imgur

8. “A library shelf was built as a birthday present.”

© PA28Driver / Imgur

9. “It looks nice but tiling is definitely not my favorite home renovation task.”

house renovation© b***sumo / Imgur

10. “Pantry renovation — before we had wire shelves and not the best use of space since the pantry is actually quite a bit taller than the door frame.”

© CUCompE / Imgur