Amazing House Renovation Examples That Might Inspire You

Renovation is maybe the best thing to create a living place from the beginning. Here are 30 amazing house renovation examples that might inspire you.

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1. The After And Before Of My Teeny Tiny Studio Apartment In NYC

house renovationvannahcat

2. The Before And The After


3. Small Bathroom Remodel. Before&after

house renovationDIY_Lion

4. Before And After Renovation Of My Tiny Scottish Apartment Bathroom


5. Bathroom DIY Upgrade. Before And After

house renovationslh1983

6. Before And After Of My Small Apartment Kitchen. I Don’t Miss The Orange! (Louth, Ireland)


7. Living Room After/Before, Nova Scotia

house renovationJosBeforeBros

8. Before And After Of My Patio


9. I Remodeled My Parent’s Upstate NY Kitchen During Covid. I Did A Lot Of This By Hand, Myself And This Is My First Time Ever Doing Anything Like It. I Had A Blast. Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts! Before And After(S) Below!

house renovationNYsoul

10. A Before And After Ft. A Poor Man’s Backsplash – Done While Being Stuck At Home. Detroit, Mi