35 Building Conversions That Create Surprising Results

Sometimes things change, even in an unexpected way. These building conversions such interesting that you will be surprised when you see how people be creative. You can check also an interesting conversion story from a London double-decker bus into a dream home.

1. Moved Here 4 Years Ago. Converted Victorian Church In England. Love This Room

building conversionsmisterzeee

2. Stone Observatory Tower Converted To A Home


3. The Building Used For The Swimming Events At The 2008 Summer Olympics In Beijing Was Transformed Into This Dope-Looking Waterpark

building conversionsTheTwoSeventeen

4. In Germany There Is Waterpark Called Tropical Islands. It’s A Literal Tropical Island Built Inside An Old Blimp Hangar


5. Gas Station Greenhouse

building conversionsansquaremet

6. My Gym Used To Be Part Of An Asylum Complex. The Pool Used To Be A Church And The Confession Booths Are Now A Sauna


7. Vienna Gasometers: Gas Storage Tanks First Built In 1896 And Converted Into Mixed-Use Developments Between 1995 And 2001

building conversionsarchineering

8. Niccolò Paganini Auditorium, Parma, Italy, An Abandoned Sugar Factory Converted Into A Concert Hall By Renzo Piano In 1996


9. This Abandoned Church Was Purchased By Skaters And Renovated Into A Dream Park

building conversionsBirchTainer

10. My New Apartment Still Has The Original Molding From When It Was A Hotel Ballroom In 1923