15 People Who Are Just Having A Real Hard Time With The English Language Right Now

1. The loneliest worker:

struggle-englishoflacar / Via twitter.com

2. Timberlake’s biggest fan:

struggle-englishjellybeing, eeddoogg / Via tumblr.com

3. The elevator lover:

struggle-englishryanlangdon_ / Via twitter.com

4. The most aggressive shopper:


5. The aggressive pisser:


6. The soup warner:

struggle-englishtuftyfrog / Via twitter.com

7. The gice done:

struggle-englishcman525 / Via twitter.com

8. The worried student:


CBMSt1 / Via twitter.com

9. The conehead:

struggle-englishuncle-whisky / Via tumblr.com

10. Mom and her slang:

struggle-englishhollyycat / Via twitter.com

11. The Subway banished:

struggle-englishfinalbawse / Via reddit.com

12. The fastest driver in the West:


13. The most awkward person in Target:

struggle-englishklondikebrat / Via twitter.com

14. The honest retail worker:

struggle-englishenvyadams, ladyintheattic / Via tumblr.com

15. The inventor of everyone’s new favorite dish:

struggle-englishmichaelgotnudes / Via twitter.com