This Great-Grandmother Makes The Meals Her Family Survived On During The Depression

Grandparents always have some incredible stories to share with us filled with horrifying moments and heartwarming memories that are sure to make an impression on anyone who hears them.  This charming and energetic woman, Clara Cannucciari, is one of the few surviving women who lived through the Great Depression.  In these videos, she shares some of recipes that helped her survive those hard days and live to fight another battle. On top of being inspirational to so many out there that wonder what life was like back then, Cannucciari can help those poor students out there today who are trying to keep themselves alive and healthy in a time when money doesn’t allow for delicious and diverse meals.  With just a few ingredients, she shows the world how to make a little bit go a long way and not jeopardize one’s health, either.  It’s so exciting to see that her tips can still help us out today, and this wonderful woman is able to share them and her life stories with us to make the world better and brighter, one story at a time.

Here she recreates the typical breakfast they would have each morning.

And in this, she treats her grandson and his friends to a favorite: The Poorman’s Meal.