30 Cute Pics Of German Shepherd Puppies Were The Purest Things In The World

German Shepherds are gentle family pets and steadfast guardians and they are literally the cutest puppies.

1. We Always Thought He Would Grow Into His Ears

german shepherdsoldtupperWare

2. Branch Manager & Assistant Branch Manager

german shepherdskona.and.nala

3. First Day At Work

german shepherdspeterbenko9

4. This Is Our German Shepherd Pup, Pepper, We Believe She Is Part Bear

cute german shepherdssm0keyii

5. My Boss Got A Puppy And Brought Her Into The Office. Productivity Went Waaay Down


6. Happy Paws

cute german shepherdsrayco.ogsd

7. My Puppy Gigi, Figured She Could Get Some Love Here

cute german shepherdstrappinginauhaul

8. Police Puppy

cute german shepherds


9. The Cutest *mlem* You’ll See All Day

cute german shepherdsragonk_1310

10. I Love This Happy Face

cute german shepherdsharllop