30 Pics Of Smart Solutions To Everyday Problems

21. This Soap Bottle Lists A Purpose For Each Ingredient


22. A Pill Bottle That Keeps Track Of When It Was Last Opened

23. This Airplane Sleeping Mask Has Different Sides Depending On If You Want The Flight Attendant To Wake You Up For Meals Or Not


24. My University Sent Me A Wallet-Sized Diploma


25. This Baby Store Has Different Surfaces To “Road Test” The Strollers


26. My Spatula Has A Little Stand So It Doesn’t Touch The Counter


27. My Hospital Has Lights In The Ceiling That Are Designed To Look Like The Sky


28. A Bicycle Escalator In Norway


29. The Tear-Offs On This Poster For Domestic Abuse Have The Phone Number Disguised As A Bar Code


30. At The Uffizi Gallery In Florence, They Have Versions Of Paintings So That Blind And Visually Impaired Visitors Could Still Enjoy The Art

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