30 Simple Yet Genius Ideas That Should Be Implemented Everywhere

21. This Bathroom In The Atlanta Airport Has Lights To Let You Know If A Stall Is In Use

Simple Yet Genius Ideaskatewhiteshark

22. My School Just Installed A CVS Vending Machine Full Of Medicine And Hygiene Products

Simple Yet Genius IdeasCommandLionInterface

23. My Local Car Wash Has A Gun For Kids That Shoots Soap Suds At The Cars Going Into The Car Wash

Simple Yet Genius IdeasMicool31

24. A Business Card For Kids Who Are Allowed To Go Places By Themselves

Simple Yet Genius Ideasjordan460

25. This Pizza Box Can Be Torn In Half And Folded To Create A Smaller Box For Leftovers

Simple Yet Genius Ideasdark_forebodings_too

26. This Car Park In France Has Soft Barriers Between Parking Spaces To Stop People Scratching Other Cars

Simple Yet Genius Ideastomoblob

27. The Inside Of The Pizza Box Was A Tuxedo

Simple Yet Genius Ideaspwenski

28. This Menu In An Italian Restaurant, Is Shaped Like A Circle Showing You What The Type Of Pizza Would Look Like


29. My Classroom Has A Mirror So We Can See Teacher’s Counter When He’s Cooking

Simple Yet Genius IdeasAlexsDoritos

30. This Shoe Shop Has An Area To Test Your New Shoes, Containing Lego

Simple Yet Genius IdeasFresh_Asuna