People Share The Most Awesome Gardening Ideas

21. The Easiest Way To Water Your Garden


22. Hello, I’m Alessandro And This Is My Urban Garden In London, UK. I’m Also Passionate About Beekeeping And I Do Everything 100% Organic

gardening ideasspicymoustache

23. A Bit Late To The Party, But Here’s My Lockdown Garden Transformation


24. Last Spring I Converted Our Front Lawn To A Vegetable Garden. Today We Opened A Little Community Seed Library To Encourage Neighbors To Get Growing Too


25. My Garage Wall When I Bought My House In 2016 To Now. Still A Work In Progress, But It’s Coming Together

gardening ideasdonorum88

26. A Little Garden Lighting Project


27. Tried To Organize My Patio Cactus/Succulent Garden


28. A Couple Of Years Ago I Threw A Pineapple Top In The Dirt To Compost. Today I’m Harvesting These Two Beauties


29. Outdoor Table With Integrated Herb Garden


30. We’ve Converted Our Pool Into An 80,000l Underground Rainwater Tank With Raised Vegetable Garden Beds On Top