People Share The Most Awesome Gardening Ideas

11. Incorporating Rain Into Your Garden


12. My Grandma Is Very Proud To Show You Her Garden


13. The Poison Garden Established In 2005 By The Duchess Of Northumberland. The Garden Contains Over 100 Deadly And Hallucinogenic Plants

gardening ideasUnicornglitteryblood

14. Feed Them

15. Grow A Sunflower House For The Kids To Play In


16. A Beautifully Coloured Glass Greenhouse At The North Brooklyn Farm’s Community Garden

gardening ideastomfruin

17. A Year After We Got Rid Of The Drought Tolerant Weeds And Planted Drought Tolerant Flowers, Yard Is In Full Effect


18. Built A Planter Box Bench This Past Weekend. What Do You Think?


19. Just Made A Garden With My Mom, She Think It Looks Terrible But I Like It

gardening ideasCreepercraft110

20. I Want My Lawn To Feed Me Not Vice Versa