30 Amazing Pics Of Indoor Gardens

Plants can change the ambiance of a room. Here is a “green” list compiled from adorable photos of indoor gardens.

1. This exceptionally trendy home that is the most aesthetic balance of mid-century style meets jungle-chic.

Indoor Gardensjanskacelikart

2. This picture-perfect shelfie is too pretty to pass up.


3. This I N C R E D I B L E living, breathing, photosynthesizing lounge room.


4. This bright, light-filled urban oasis that you could move into and never need to venture outside again.


5. And this angle too, because it’s just so damn pretty.


6. This cacti-happy home, with loads of monstera leaves too.


7. This adorably cozy living space, where you could lie on your back and stare up at the canopy of green above you.


8. This epic jungle you’d never expect to find in the middle of Kansas City.


9. This envy-inducing TV set-up, which even manages to draw your eye away from Renaissance Disney — which is no mean feat.


10. This outrageously beautiful bedroom that I think would carry me off into a dreamless sleep each and every night.